Monday, August 31, 2009

New Hour

Monday is a No News Day! Take some time to enjoy the lack of events. Don't worry about the latest celebrity sighting or this year, death. Read a little, turn off the constant news and enjoy it.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Creating Divisions

No matter what side of the fence one sits on about healthcare there is something that it is doing to this country. It is polarizing the country and creating a great divide. As I know many friends still looking for work, and accepting extremely low salaries I know this recession is far from over.
The Obama administration should be paying attention to the extreme economic conditions we are currently in. This is a time for our country to come together and work to get out of this depression. It is a depression, and we need to start acting like we are at war against it. It is not the time to divide and conqur. As the adminstration has passed on most of their campaign promises (the war, taxing the middle class) why are they so hell bent on healthcare?

Thursday, August 27, 2009

What This Adminstration Has Done Right.

I think the problem with current politics is the polarization. It is time for a serious discussion and honesty to get through these problems. The United States is at a crucial point in our history. We need to leverage our strengths to build a solid foundation. I believe that our current administration is doing what they believe is right, and what will make our country stronger. I disagree at points, but also think they are working hard to do something. I think no matter what side of the fence you sit on you need to think about what everyone has accomplished. It is impossible for one person to change the entire politics of our country, but if we would realize what we have in common we could find success. Everyone in the United States wants to do well, how can we enable our citizens to realize their potential?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Healthcare Forum

I attended this health care forum last night. It was a great example of discussion, it was a poor example of productivity. I fully support reform, as does everyone on the panel. I do not support vague answers that get no where. It is time to start saying Physicians should be paid more, and time to start saying this is how they will be paid more. How will be raise the funds, will we have to cut something or just dig deeper into debt? The most interesting comment of the night was when the CEO from Shawnee Mission Medical Center said that there will be rationing of health care. He made a strong point that this is already occurring but stated it would only get worse. I do not employ scare tactics, but want an honest discussion, and he was honest. This is a time in our country when we need to say exactly how we are going to accomplish our goals rather than vague and horrible scare tactics. Last night was an example of what should be happening in every one's homes and communities.

Senator Edward "Teddy" Kennedy Passes Away

Edward "Teddy" Kennedy has battled brain cancer and passed away last night in his home. He was known as the lion in the Senate. He was a Kennedy and will be greatly missed. He fought for what he believed in and believed in progress.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Deficit to hit $1.6 TRILLION

This is why the youth of this country should be outraged. I hope everyone driving around their new car, thanks to cash for clunkers enjoys it. How is the government's checkbook different then ours? I can't and don't write checks for money that I do not have. Please pay attention. It will only get worse.

Wag This Dog

To 'wag the dog' means to purposely divert attention from what would otherwise be of greater importance, to something else of lesser significance. By doing so, the lesser-significant event is catapulted into the limelight, drowning proper attention to what was originally the more important issue.
The expression comes from the saying that 'a dog is smarter than its tail', but if the tail were smarter, then the tail would 'wag the dog'. The expression 'wag the dog' was elaborately used as theme of the movie. 'Wag the Dog', a 1997 film starring Robert de Niro and Dustin Hoffman, produced and directed by Barry Levinson.