Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Healthcare Forum

I attended this health care forum last night. It was a great example of discussion, it was a poor example of productivity. I fully support reform, as does everyone on the panel. I do not support vague answers that get no where. It is time to start saying Physicians should be paid more, and time to start saying this is how they will be paid more. How will be raise the funds, will we have to cut something or just dig deeper into debt? The most interesting comment of the night was when the CEO from Shawnee Mission Medical Center said that there will be rationing of health care. He made a strong point that this is already occurring but stated it would only get worse. I do not employ scare tactics, but want an honest discussion, and he was honest. This is a time in our country when we need to say exactly how we are going to accomplish our goals rather than vague and horrible scare tactics. Last night was an example of what should be happening in every one's homes and communities.

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